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Key projects, strategies and plans

Preston is an ambitious growing city in the North West with significant economic potential to sit alongside Manchester and Liverpool as one of the region's first class city destinations.

In partnership with city wide stakeholders, Preston is undergoing its biggest investment in generations and transforming at an accelerated pace with a number of large-scale development and investment projects taking place across the city as part of Preston's City Investment Plan.

The plan sets out an ambitious 15 year vision to transform the city with 20.9 million Towns Fund investment being critical to its delivery. The funding will support early interventions, be a catalyst for positive change and support sustainable and inclusive growth ambitions. Other public and private investment will also be key to transforming the city and delivering the plan.

Key projects, plans and investment opportunities

The following sections provide an overview of key projects, plans and investment opportunities in Preston City Centre and surrounding areas, which support the city in achieving its vision and strategic priorities set out in the overarching City Investment Plan.