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Content guidelines - Preston business blog

The aim of our blog is to promote both local businesses and organisations, as well as the overall promotion of Preston as a key northern city to invest in and do business.

Business blog guidelines

  • Short catchy heading - the heading should be both descriptive and attention grabbing to tell the reader what the blog is about and draw the reader in
  • Useful and interesting -write your content around the intended audience and their needs. How can your news, service or information help them? Great business blog content is based around reader needs, interests and pain points
  • Engaging content/add visuals - keep your language upbeat and include original content. Add images or, if appropriate, videos, to break up the text, create more interest and make your content stand out
  • Easy to read -write in a clear concise way and organise your content so it is easy to skim read. E.g use subheadings and short paragraphs
  • Contact details - include contact details and a web address (if applicable) for more details

Other points

  • Explain what your business is, what it offers and who is part of it (if relevant)
  • Assume people have not heard of you or your business before reading this blog
  • Avoid unprofessional or inappropriate language or content*

*The communications team reserve the right to request a re-edit or prevent publication of a blog.

Content ideas

  • Advice - establish yourself as an expert in your field - top tips are always popular
  • Current topics/events- are there any current topics or events that relate to your business or sector and can help the reader?
  • Story - is there a human-interest story that ties in?
  • Place - Why is your business/organisation located in Preston? What does Preston offer to your business/organisation? What makes you stand out in Preston?

Expert tip: keep your blog under 500 words or over 800.

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