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Preston's City Investment Plan (2020 - 2035)

Aerial view of Preston at sunset

Preston's long-term 15 year vision to transform the city, maintain the momentum of change and put the richness of life is within reach for the people of Preston.

Preston has developed a 15 year City Investment Plan setting out an ambitious vision to transform the city, targeting resources and aligning public and private sector investments to respond to needs and capitalise on opportunities for positive change.

The plan is focused on supporting its people through sustainable shared prosperity for the local community. The long term plan will also play a key role in Preston's recovery from the affects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Strategic priorities

The following strategic priorities are based on challenges and opportunities both Preston and Lancashire faces:

  • Transforming Preston's cultural infrastructure, focusing on cultural and leisure facilities, spaces and programmes 
  • Expanding and diversifying the housing supply to significantly boost city centre living
  • Delivering a ground-breaking approach to community health and wellbeing in the city
  • Supporting Preston's economic recovery, skills, growth and resilience
  • Achieving a step change in sustainable movement and accessibility in the city by delivering the  Preston City Transport Plan (PDF) [3MB]
  • Delivering a new commercial district at Preston Station Quarter

View the plan

The key sections making up the plan can be viewed below:

How Towns Fund will help deliver the plan

Towns Fund investment is critical to delivering the plan. The funding will help with early interventions, act as a vehicle for positive change and support sustainable and inclusive growth ambitions. This will allow Preston to build on its strengths, maximise its opportunities and address many of the challenges the city and wider county currently faces.

The funding will also help to kickstart a bold and transformational programme of projects, which will be mainly focused on , the cultural and civic heart of the city. This will be the first delivery phase of the plan and in recovering the city from the pandemic.